Monday September 2nd

Monday September 2nd

from 9.00

London Pickup #1: Downtown @ 10 AM
You can find us at Citi Plaza on Wellington, in between Dundas and King Streets.
Citi Plaza address: 355 Wellington St, London, ON N6A 3N7

London Pickup #2: Masonville Mall Bus Terminal @ 10:25 AM
We’ll be parked near the major bus terminal at Masonville Mall, just off Richmond Street.
Masonville Mall address: 1680 Richmond St, London, ON N6G 3Y9

Grand Bend Beach Departure
The bus will depart from the beach at 5 PM. There is a small grace period, and we don’t want to leave without you but will if we have to, so please be on time! Please board the bus at the same location you disembarked. We will be dropping you off and picking you up at the Grand Bend Municipal Office, which is an 8 minute walk to the beach. Please let your Bus Attendant know if you require special accessibility.

Please check in with our Bend Bus Attendant when you arrive and get ready for a great day in Grand Bend!  

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