Bend Bus is more than just a way to get from point A to B. Our team of dynamic, fun-loving Beach Bums will be cracking jokes, bumping tunes, and riding with you all summer long!


Matthew Thomas

Founder & Chief Beach Bum

Hey, I’m Matthew. I’m often seen at the beach talking about how precious the Great Lakes are, holding my breath for a really long time underwater, and applying SPF 100. I’m pumped about getting people to the beach and making solid summer memories. Let’s have a great summer!

Hi, I’m Jacob. I like sunsets and long walks on the beach, conversations deep as Lake Superior, and sandy picnics set to the sound of a ukulele. I’ve got a knack for water safety and beach camping; I once lived in my car in Port Stanley for an entire summer! Pro tip: if you keep your eyes open on a busy Saturday on Main Beach in Port Stanley, you might just catch me wearing another one of my many hats - along with a whistle, shades, and a bright red shirt.


Jacob Sandler

Director of Operations & Bay Watch


Kelsey King

Human Relations & Sustainability Coordinator

Hi! I’m Kelsey. Veins full of coffee, mind full of ideas, heart full of summer sunshine. I can usually be found singing at the top of my lungs with the windows down and asking myself why I didn’t go to bed earlier. I’m passionate about environmental sustainability, travel, and finding the perfect bean burrito. Let’s blast some tunes and make this the summer road trip of the century!

Hey! I’m Ryan. When I’m not in the kitchen whipping up something delicious, you can catch me at the hockey rink and the squash courts or working up a sweat practicing Muay Thai. Contrary to popular opinion…cats > dogs. I believe in holistic wellness and like to use technology to make it accessible to students - I’m even piloting a wellness app! Can’t wait to see all the great things that this summer has in store!


Ryan Persaud

Operations Manager & Beach Bro


Natalie Venesoen

Resident Dance Instructor & Beach Bum

Hey, I’m Natalie! I like exploring the outdoors, teaching in dance studios, and creating fun summer memories. Most of the time you can find me planning elaborate day trips, playing video games (I have over 3,600 hours in League of Legends) or drafting new ideas for the summer camps I work with. I can’t wait to get to know you all and soak up the rays this summer!


Amy Matheson

Paddle Expert & Beach Bum

Hey! I'm Amy. I love caffeine, people and laughs - usually in that order. I'm not sure if I follow beaches or they follow me, but I’ve always found that I get the most out of life by the water. From saltwater to freshwater, I want to explore it all. Can’t wait to spend the summer by the lakeside!


Maria Gondola

Sun Tan Specialist & Beach Bum

Hey, I’m Mari. I’m crazy about traveling, the beach, and feeling the warm sun on my skin. I’m originally from the tropics, where it’s 30 degrees all year long. I grew up close to the beaches in Panama City, Panama. If I could retire in a bungalow by the beach, I would! If I could live in a bikini all year round, I would do that, too. Fun fact: although I love it, I’m actually allergic to the sun! ACHOO syndrome…it’s a real thing, I swear. Looking forward to having fun together this summer!

Become a Bend Bus BEACH BUM

We’re looking for responsible and organized individuals who are outgoing, energetic, and love the beach to take on the role of our bus attendants.

What You’ll DO:

  • Ensure passengers have safely boarded the bus to and from the beach

  • Engage with passengers and answer relevant questions

  • Review pick-up and drop-off locations

  • Follow Bend Bus procedures in case of issue or emergency

  • Help ensure smooth, fun, and memorable overall operation

What You’ll GET:

  • Beautiful day at the beach

  • Gift card for lunch at the beach

  • Free ride to the beach and back for you and a friend

  • Unique addition to your resume

  • A summer full of memories and new friends

Bend Bus Beaches:

Grand Bend & Port Stanley

Bend Bus Operation Times:

Weekends and Holiday Mondays

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